Shock Factor Matter


Shock Factor Matter came to life in Austin, TX. My studio is located in the backroom of our farmhouse located on the Violet Crown Greenbelt. I am a self taught stained glass artist and I picked out my first sheet of glass in 2015 in Seattle, WA with no vision in my head other than to try something new. I am first and foremost a poet. Poetry is my magic, my long song, my power, my anatomical bleeding heart.

Over the years I have found a way of combining my love for language and my love for glass by creating intentional amulets made specifically for those searching for their own version of peace. 

Through stained glass, I have found an art form that provides a physical embodiment of the transformative power of language. I create intentional, wearable sculptures that honor the ancient tradition of storytelling. Storytelling fulfills the requirement for humanity to cast their experiences in narrative form and I have conceived a unique practice of incorporating this into my craft of designing, cutting, grinding, wrapping and soldering individual pieces of glass into a whole form with a history, a poem, a saga, memoir, drama, fantasy, romance, anecdote or sometimes even tragedy. Although my work is technically categorized as jewelry due to it’s mobility, I choose to make pieces of art that move with their keepers not only for adornment purposes but to encourage daily reminders of what staying alive requires, all of the textures and decisions and agreements and unfolding emotions that being a component of humanity requires.

The patterns I create become intentional and each cut shape represents an idea, maybe a threat, a fear, a blessing or some element of a story that occurs naturally when assembling. The action of taking all these allegorical fragments and aggregating them through the soldering process becomes reflective of the systems of communication language requires. Each piece is transformed into a symbol of a story demanding to be translated both visually and linguistically. Once each piece is finished, I sit down at my typewriter and compose a piece of creative writing from what was discovered from constructing the piece. Every stained glass piece that I create comes with the original printed manuscript of literature, making my typewriter as much of a tool in my craft as my glass.

I strive to design and fabricate wearable sculptures that depict the indispensability of awareness through stream of consciousness as a means of self growth. By making a piece capable of being worn, they alter the art experience into something intimate and roaming. I am deeply interested in challenging myself and challenging others on what it means to interact with art on an interpersonal level, by trusting the artist with an arrow and seeing what target or absence of a target it arrives at. My process is an experiment and an attempt at self-actualization through the blending of an ancient material (glass) and an ancient tradition (storytelling) in a contemporary way.

Hannah Hank Jove


Hannah Hank Jove is a Houston born artist and poet currently living in Austin, TX. She graduated from Texas State with a BA in English- Creative Writing and has been published in numerous literary journals including apt, Ohio Edit, decomP magazinE, Raw Paw, The Monarch Review and Anklebiters Magazine. She performs experimental noise poetry under the guise 'Mannerisms' and can be seen screaming literature over her synth around Texas. Hank loves a good techno, a good disco, a good textile, a good heart, a good window, a good seltzer, a good lipstick, a good rocking chair and a good run on sentence.


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